7 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

You met someone and you’re almost certain you’re in love. Sure, it’s been an unconventionally short amount of time since the two of you met, but you just have a feeling this is the one. At least, that’s what you tell all of your friends when they show their skepticism at how quickly you’ve fallen in love. But are they right? Are you a serial monogamist who can’t stand to be alone? Here are a few signs that you might want to slow down before opening up a joint bank account.

1. When your friends ask you why you like him, you can’t give any specifics.

Like the bullshit reasons Regina George gave Cady Heron why she shouldn’t like Aaron, all you can think of to say is, “he’s funny, nice, cute.”

2. You’re ready to give up parts of your life for him at a moment’s notice.

You’ve been working your way up at your job for 5 years but when he casually mentions wanting to live in Spain you’re ready to put in your two weeks and move with him—and you don’t speak a word of Spanish. You’re probably projecting your frustration with those other parts of your life onto this new relationship.

3. You haven’t met each other’s friends, but you spend all your time together.

You’re swept up in the fantasy of each other. So much so that you’re both a little afraid that when other people come in the picture, they’ll shatter your false reality.

4. You become defensive when people ask about your relationship.

You get wide-eyed and immediately think that other people “just don’t get it.” Love is one of the most universally portrayed emotions. You really think you have a relationship so unique that no other human can understand it? Or are you just afraid that they understand it better than you do?

5. You’ve said “I love you” to each other on social media more than you’ve said in person.

You feel warm and fuzzy with him, but only when there’s other people watching. You get just as much joy out of his FB comment “you’re beautiful babe” as you get out of the likes you got on the comment itself.

6. You’re very eager to show your love through a grand gesture of commitment, but you still don’t know his middle name.

I mean, you’ve always wanted a dog, why not split the cost together? Besides, who knows anyone’s middle name? Before you sign a lease on a new apartment together, however, it’s worth asking yourself if you don’t know the little things about each other like his shoe size or phobias, do you really know each other?

7. You’ve never had a real fight.

You tell everyone it’s because you’re soulmates and you have nothing to fight about. Even The Beatles fought. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. There’s only a strong relationship. If you haven’t found anything to disagree on, you haven’t known each other long enough. Getting through your first fight as a couple should happen before you get tattoos of each other’s initials.


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