7/11’s Event Packs Are A Gift From The God Of Packaged Food

7/11, an integral part of a high-school stoner's life, is combining their incredible products with a Seamless-esque service. It's just another step towards having stores deliver you whatever you want, without you having to make a phone call or leave you bed. God bless the 21st Century.

The idea is that 7/11 will sell different packs of products and deliver them to you. They're testing this out in Chicago, LA, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, so if you live there, then you're in luck. But in the greatest injustice since Jenna Lyon's J. Crew fuck up, none of the packs include Slurpees, so what even is the fucking point?? Without Slurpees, this is just a half-assed effort, and much like last time I was at a 7/11, I want to speak to the manager.

The packs include:

Date Night: Ice Cream, Hershey's chocolate bar, Red Bull, Trident gum, Trojan condoms

Hangover: Gatorade, pizza, Tylenol

Sniffles Pack: Gatorade, Allergy Medicine, Ibuprofen, Tissues

Game Day: Buffalo Wings, Coke, Doritos, Pizza, Tostitos chips

Endurance: Energy Bar, Clif Bar, Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar


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