The 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack Is Your New Sex Playlist

The official tracklist for the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack was recently released and it’s sure to whip your V-Day right into shape. Featured artists include Beyonce, leader of the free world, the Rolling Stones, a band, and The Weeknd, whose voice has been known to impregnate on various occasions. While most songs will make their debut on opening day, you can already listen to a few including Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” which is pretty amaze.

Jamie Dornan who stars in the film has insisted that the love story of 50 Shades is more important than the sexual promiscuity factor which like…y’okay. So far the soundtrack has us asking are you suuuuure it’s not NC-17? Cause that wouldn’t not be chill. Check out the whole track list here:

1. Annie Lennox – “I Put a Spell On You”

2. Laura Welsh – “Undiscovered”

3. The Weeknd – “Earned It”

4. Jessie Ware – “Meet Me In the Middle”

5. Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do”


6. Beyoncé – “Haunted” (Michael Diamond Remix)

7. Sia – “Salted Wound”

8. The Rolling Stones – “Beast of Burden”

9. AWOLNATION – “I’m On Fire”

10. Beyoncé – “Crazy In Love” (2014 Remix)

11. Frank Sinatra – “Witchcraft”

12. Vaults – “One Last Night”

13. The Weeknd – “Where You Belong”

14. Skylar Grey – “I Know You”

15. Danny Elfman – “Anna and Christian”

16. Danny Elfman – “Did That Hurt?”


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