There Was A Brawl At A 50 Cent Concert Because Apparently It’s 2003

If you’ve been wondering whether 50 Cent is still performing these days, the answer is…sort of? On Saturday night, 50 was performing at Stage 48 in New York, which is definitely no Madison Square Garden when it comes to concerts. In the middle of a song, a fight broke out right in front of where he was standing, which was like right in front of some weird railing. Some rando tried to grab 50’s shirt, causing him to stop the song and basically just yell into his microphone for a few minutes.

While the fight is interesting enough, it’s almost more surprising that 50 Cent is performing at all in 2016, since it feels like it’s been a decade since anyone listened to his music. It’s unclear if 50 Cent has had any other performances lately, but if all of them are going like this then he’s going to need to sell a shitload of Effen Vodka to get out of bankruptcy. He already testified in court that the stacks of money in his Instagram pics are fake, so maybe he should consider getting a part-time job at Burger King or something.


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