5 Style Lessons We Can All Learn From Beyoncé

Beyoncé is literally killing it now, betches—as if I needed to remind you. Between the launch of her fitness line, Ivy Park, and the signing of rising female artists to her new record label, Parkwood Entertainment, it’s like, is there anything this betch can’t do?! No. There isn’t. This month, she’s on the cover of Elle magazine, defending her title of Queen Bey in the fashion industry, as if dominating the music industry wasn’t enough. Oh, and the sports industry, too.

The Queen B never fails to reign supreme in our hearts, or in our wardrobes, for that matter. No, seriously, if Bey told us to wear a garbage bag we actually fucking would. She masters the effortless-yet-glam look, whether she’s at a red carpet event or filming a viral music video in her (insanely fabulous) closet with her iPhone. Here’s some of her greatest fashion moments, and the betchy lessons we can take away from them.

1. The art of the statement bag. A neutral, casual outfit makes an upscale bag pop. A high/low mix (aka this Gucci handbag with a laid-back pair of boyfriend jeans and plain blazer) makes her polished yet approachable.

2. Never underestimate the classic, stylish effect of a leather jacket paired with jeans. Also, hats are having a moment right now, and they look best when paired with courtside seats.

3. Monotone is done best when paired with other modern details, like sleek hair and huge fucking diamond earrings. Bey wore this Inbal Dror Haute Couture gown to the Grammy’s and flawlessly accessorized it with a betchy attitude (in addition to the huge fucking earrings), remarking on stage, “Art is an unapologetic celebration of culture through expression” in response to her haters who said her Superbowl performance was inappropriate or some jealous petty bullshit like that.

4. Bodysuits. Speaking of the Superbowl, it was during this epic display of amazingness that she made it known to the entire world that bodysuits are totally a thing, and we were all like, “Yasssss Queen” and bought like a million bodysuits.

Finally, the most important lesson:

5. Werk what ya momma gave ya. Pretty much every Beyoncé thing that goes viral is either bootylicious of boobylicious. Why? Because she’s a feminist and she embraces her curves and celebrates the female form in all its glory and she fucking rules. That’s why.



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