5 New Year’s Eve Looks You Can Black Out In

NYE is definitely an excuse to go all out. If you don’t look good on New Year’s Eve is there even a point? The answer I’m looking for is a solid “fuck no.” The celebration of a new year sets the stage for how hot you’re going to continue to look, despite the fact that you are getting old as fuck and time is a bitch and there’s nothing you can do to stop it and we’re all going to die.

ANYWAY, here are some looks that you can get super drunk in, while still looking like, really pretty. Because that’s truly all that matters. New year, same you. Never change. H.A.G.S.!

1. Glitter Lips

2016 may or may not be known as the year of glitter (though I doubt it, considering all the other fucked up shit that went on). Though you probably spent the better part of the year scoffing at the overuse of said craft item, there actually is a time and a place for glitter: New Year’s Eve, 2017. At the Versace show, Bella Hadid make glitter lips look dope as fuck, and you can replicate the look pretty easily. Keep the rest of your face minimal, apply red lipstick as usual, put glitter over top, and set it all with an adhesive like this one.

Bella Hadid Glitter Lips

What you’ll need to pull it off: MAC Reflects Blackened Red Glitter; MAC Mixing Medium Eye Liner.

2. Metallic Smokey Eye

Your usual smokey eye, but with a twist. Line the under part of your eye with a metallic eye pencil and smoke it out by blending it with a small, dense eyeshadow brush. Add a brown/nude lip. Eyebrows that look on point will be key for this look, so make sure not to fuck that up.

Metallic Smokey Eye

What you’ll need to pull it off: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil In Uzi

3. Channeling The ’90s

Cara Delevigne

The world is all about matte right now. Specifically, mattes in brown and purplish hues. With a simple black lined eye, a dark matte shade can be everything you need and more to ring in the new year aka start sobbing at 12:01 because no one wanted to kiss you and you literally live for attention from other people.

What you’ll need to pull it off: Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Sepia

4. Monochromatic Rose Gold

Rose Gold Makeup

Pair a rose gold shadow with a rose lip color. Do a dramatic winged liner over top to make sure it doesn’t appear as if you actually have pink eye, know what I mean? If you don’t, whatever, still do it.

What you’ll need to pull it off: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color In Rose Gold

5. Coral Lips

Fuck everyone else’s red lipstick. Do something different and unexpected with coral. Sweep a peach colored blush over the top of your cheeks, and keep the eyes simple, with matte brown shadow smudged under your bottom lashes. Then, put on a shit ton of mascara.

Coral Lips

What you’ll need to pull it off: Rouge Dior Lipstick in Trafalgar


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