5 Halloween Costumes You Should Never Wear

Halloween is the greatest night of the calendar year. Besides Christmas and all the days that make up Hanukkah. However, Halloween poses one major problem: finding and picking the correct costume. If you go for a cliché, you risk social embarrassment and death (JK, kind of). If it’s too obscure, you’ll be evading “Uhm what are you????” questions all night and that sounds tiresome/annoying. And last but not least, if you wear something insensitive you will make Donald Trump look like a tolerant individual. Which is even worse than it sounds.

So to avoid that, here are the 5 Halloween costumes you should never wear. Though TBH, if you thought any of these were okay in the first place maybe you should rethink the way your brain works right now and read a book or something.

Happy Halloween! (Please don’t be an asshole.)

1. Blackface

Julianne Hough blackface

There’s no one who doesn’t know blackface is offensive at this point, so if you dress up with blackface you for some reason DGAF about being racially insensitive or you have some sort of personality disorder. Like Julianne Hough.

2. Cultural appropriation

sexy arab costume

This includes: “Sexy Arab” and yes even “Sexy Indian.” Unlike you on Halloween, the people you’re imitating don’t have the luxury to remove the oppression that comes with their ethnic identity come November 1. So unless you’re also willing to wear their specific set of oppression then best to opt out on these types of costumes.

3. People who died this year

David Bowie costume

It’s too soon, show some goddamn respect.

4. Personified Tragedies

World Trade Center costume

Please—for the sake of all that is good left in the world, which is frankly very little—do not try to personify any tragedies that happened this year, or years prior. It’s in poor taste and it makes literally everyone else around you uncomfortable. (Note: Kim and her recent robbery scandal are indeed included in this one. Don’t do it.)

5. A Snapchat filter

Snapchat puke rainbow filter costume

An especially heinous offense. Let’s also throw puns and emojis in this category while we’re at it. 


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