The 5 Best Places To Get Avocado Toast In LA

The east coast can keep their Patagonias and Canada Goose—the West Coast has sunshine and avocado toast. Leave it to California to turn a common fruit (yes, look it up) and boring bread into an overpriced breakfast food. And we’re glad they did. Avocado toast might be basic AF but it’s delicious and we’re not complaining. If you’re looking for the best places to get your bread and green butter fix, here are our favorite places to go in Los Angeles.

5. The Hart & The Hunter


The name of this restaurant sounds like a Mumford & Sons song but it’s a Southern style place with a homey feel. Their avocado toast comes with pickled onions and capers on sourdough (obvs) bread. It’s not exactly the healthiest option, but it is a Southern style restaurant so you’re doing pretty well if you’re not eating something fried. If you come here you should get the avocado toast with pickled trout.

4. Stir Market


This is a simpler version of avocado toast. The avocados come sliced like apples, but the seasoning is just right. Stir is a market with various food stands, so if you’re looking for a sit-down brunch experience this probably isn’t it. But it’s still Weho so it’s not exactly a stealthy in-and-out operation, either. Be prepared to be seen and look your best here, but also don’t expect a formal dining experience. Think Eataly in New York.

3. Zinc


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Zinc has one of the best ambiences in DTLA. It gives off chill vibes while still managing to look classy. There’s plenty of skylight and green gardens, and the seats are spread out so you never have to overhear a stranger’s conversation. The avocado toast here hits all the right checkmarks. It’s a classic and hearty choice with radish, chives, lemon, and avocado. You def want to get the egg on it, unless you’re trying to lose three pounds.

2. LA Chapter


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The restaurant at the Ace Hotel has unsurprisingly one of the best avocado toasts in Los Angeles. This is def either a brunch-with-the-girls spot, or a take-your-parents-out-when-they-visit spot. They make their avocado toast with Aleppo pepper, which is still hard to get because of political reasons or something. This place is hip enough to justify waiting for an hour to get $10 toast.

1. Sqirl


The avocado toast here is hands down the best in LA. It’s one of those places you think might be overrated until you try it, and then you realize why it’s hyped up. Plus it’s the most Instagrammable toast, which means this is is a must-try. The wait is going to be unfortunate, but the line moves fairly fast. Still, be prepared to wait at least an hour before ordering. But trust us, it’s worth it.


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