3 Ways to Get Back On Track with Your Resolutions

If you woke up this week and thought, “shit, how is it already February?!” join the club. It’s been over a month since we made our bullshit resolutions and we’re still sitting around without a gym membership, a Valentine’s date, and frankly, without a plan. It’s time to refocus. February may be the shortest month, but it could also be your most productive.

If you’ve been too lazy to follow up with your goals or just too busy stalking everyone else’s winter break Cabo pics, it’s time to cut the excuses and start getting shit done. Becca Pizzi just beat the world record by running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, so don’t tell me you’re too busy checking out Gilt City massages to get out of bed and make shit happen. Here are three ways to help you get back on track this month.

1. Take your resolutions and specify them

The main reason people don’t follow up on their resolutions is because the goal was too broad in the first place. If your goal was to “get organized,” you’ll probably end up a less organized, hotter mess than you thought was possible by next year. By making more specific resolutions like keeping to-do lists on your phone and cleaning out your desk once a month, your goals will be more attainable and less overwhelming.


2. Ditch the sprints, go for the baby steps

Aside from making your goals more specific, make them smaller. I know this sounds weird because we all want to aim high, but baby steps work. Did you ever try running into an Uber in six-inch stilettos? Exactly. Instead of telling yourself you want Kelly Ripa’s abs overnight, start slow. Tell yourself you’ll get to the gym twice a week. Once you attain that goal, you’ll set a bigger one. Sooner or later, you’ll be burning calories faster than you can consume them on an average weeknight.


3. Socialize your goals

As a betch, you need your best friend by your side whether you’re picking up an iced coffee in last night’s dress or waiting in the bathroom line to pee at the club. Your best friend is there for you, so make her hold you ACCOUNTABLE. Whether you promise to text each other daily healthy recipes or remind each other to go to sleep earlier, having a friend set goals with you makes all the difference. Next thing you know, you’ll be cabbing home from the postgame together before 2AM and exchanging smoothie recipes. This strategy is guaranteed to work because besties are there for each other. That’s just like, the rules of feminism. 


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