Betchocracy 2016: Everyone Is Losing Their Voice

This week was not that exciting on the campaign trail, with only Wisconsin having a primary. After that, candidates turned their attention to New York, a big delegate prize that votes later this month. Let’s see what tricks the clowns pulled this week.

Wisco Or Bust

Wisconsin was a must-win state for both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, and they both pulled out solid victories. In Ted Cruz’s case, this result makes it more likely that Trump won’t get a delegate majority before the convention. (This is good if you don’t want Trump to be president.) In Bernie’s case, he definitely has some momentum right now, but he’ll need to get even stronger if he wants to overcome Hillary’s steep delegate lead.

Welcome To New York

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both live in New York (so does Taylor Swift, we know), so they’ll be fighting hard to win there on April 19th. Hillary’s got plenty of help, too, as this week’s New York Daily News featured a cover story attacking Bernie on his policy responses and his reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting. Trump also got Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement, which could have a lot of influence over Republican voters. Things in New York should get pretty interesting in the next week and a half, so pay attention.

Oh, Bernie

This week, Bernie made some unfortunate headlines when he said in an interview that some of Clinton’s past positions make her unqualified to be President. People understandably weren’t thrilled about this. You can make a lot of claims about Hillary Clinton, but trying to say that she’s unqualified to be President is probably about the hardest one to back up. Maybe come up with some other angles, Bernie, because buying into media sexism isn’t a good look.


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