The Last Ask A Pro of 2015

Send your questions about life, love and modeling to Head Pro at I was trying not to do ANY work this week, but I figured it would be a crime to close out 2015 without one last Ask A Pro. Enjoy these before we all head out to our overpriced NYE events (the plastic … Continued

Cool Mom Kris Jenner Wore One of Kylie’s Blue Wigs

Kris Jenner is in St. Barts for vacation with Corey Gamble and decided to give her daughter the ultimate Christmas present: she wore one of Kylie’s wigs. I wonder how if feels to be one of the thirty people who purchased from Kylie’s Hair Kouture line? Kris and Corey were at dinner, so naturally Kris … Continued

5 Workout Trends to Try this Year

We can’t help but notice everyone around us abusing silver sequins and overusing the “new year, new me” hashtag. Betches aren’t exactly known for making resolutions, but in the spirit of the amount of calories you’ll be drinking on New Years Eve, it’s time to start considering new workouts in 2016. You’ve cried through hundreds … Continued

Delicious Treats For Your Cat (If You Have One, Weirdo)

It’s the season of giving, and that should extend to your furry friend. Everything these days seems to be centered around puppies and how adorable they are, but what about our feline friends? Yes, kitties deserve special treats, too. And, as the animals most closely resembling our own attitudes, we share a special bond. Here … Continued