The First 2014 Song Mashup Has Arrived And You Need To Listen

DJ Earworm's 2014 mashup/remix/whatever-the-fuck-you-call-this was released and it's fucking phenom. Bastille and Maroon 5 provide the perfect almost neutral background music, and tbh even when it was the only song playing they were really only background music. The mashup is just a bunch of pop songs aka the songs you listen to with headphones or in your car with your besties, not the songs you get black out drunk to (we're all waiting for the 2014 pre-game mashup).

Also, it excludes songs from December of 2013 aka Beyonce, so I'm just a little confused as to how this can be a definitive list without Partition. More importantly, if you didn't get a little nostalgic thinking about all the shit that's gone down this year, you're probs boring as fuck. Put this shit on repeat.


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