20 Totally Legitimate One-Word Responses To that Story You Didn’t Listen To

You were right in the middle of lotioning up Bradley Cooper’s back on a beach in Cabo when all of a sudden you snap back to reality. There’s a pair of eyes looking at you expectantly, awaiting a response to that long-winded story you checked out of three seconds after it began. Something about wanting bangs? Or how great their 10 mile run was this morning? Veganism? It could be anything, and the polite thing to do is to say something in return even though you’re confused why this person thinks you could possibly give a shit. The solution? Choose one of the following one-word responses, which are now totally legitimate English sentences thanks to the internet:

1. Slaaay.


3. Ugh!

4. Preach

5. Same

6. Seriously

7. NO.

8. Yaaaas

9. Literally.

10. Work

11. Beyoncé

12. Unreal

13. Absolutely

14. Whaaaat?

15. Stop

16. Dead.

17. Please…

18. Wow

19. Jealous.

20. Classic

These generic one-word answers are a quick and easy way to validate a super basic story about something vaguely positive. Make sure to avoid sounding actually interested by leaving it at that, since this person clearly needs to learn that they’re more boring than Gisele’s diet. 


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