2 Chainz Watching Corinne’s Cameo In His Music Video Is All Of Us

A while back we broke the groundbreaking news that Corinne was in a music video with Juicy J and 2 Chainz. We raised some hard-hitting questions, like “Is Corinne just a famewhore?” and “How did this random Florida white girl even link up with two Atlanta rappers?” (Okay so we didn’t ask that one, but we were all thinking it). Most importantly, we asked: Is Corinne like, okay? If you’ll recall from the video, our girl looked pretty strung out. Maybe she was napping? Or maybe that “double cup” had a little something more than whatever is normally in a double cup.

Wonder no more, because now we have answers. E! News caught up with 2 Chainz on the Grammys red carpet to ask him. For what it’s worth, I would have asked him myself, if he had returned any one of my countless phone calls, tweets, DMs, or knocks on his door. Clearly 2 Chainz must have been blacked out when he filmed that music video, because he has no idea who tf Corinne is or WTF she was even doing. E! played him a clip of Corinne’s appearance, and he looks just as mystified watching it as we all were. His expression is one of pure confusion and he’s like, “Is she okay?” I don’t know, 2 Chainz. You’re the one rapping mere inches from her face, how about you tell us?

So clearly we know that Corinne is to 2 Chainz what J Lo is to Mariah Carey, i.e., “I don’t know her.” Also, the fact that someone can rap next to someone’s basically lifeless body and not even notice or remember it shows just how invisible and vulnerable these music video girls are. Did no one stop to ask Corinne WTF she was doing with her body (and why)? Did no one think to offer her a glass of water, or bark at her to “look alive”? Video hoes are people too, and they deserve rights, dammit. Corinne should team up with Danielle M. and form a Video Hoes Union. Video Hoes Union—now that’s a reality show I’d watch.


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