10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When Your Direct Deposit Hits

For those betches “working” post-grad, you know all too well the familiar feeling of the Thursday midnight bonus. We’re talking about that moment when your direct deposit hits the bank, and you go from tall boys to top shelf liquor.  

Here’s a list of what goes through every betch's head when your direct deposit hits.

  1. Maybe I should put some aside, like into my savings or something.
  2. Did someone say shots? Wait… I’ll pay for it! I just got paid!
  3. OMG I really want fries. We should get fries.
  4. Another vodka soda… put it on my tab! Does anyone else want anything?
  5. I can totally take a cab home tonight because I just got paid!
  6. Ooh I should take a vacation. Maybe a day trip this week. A staycation? How much does it cost to fly to Bermuda?
  7. Shit, how much did I just spend? I should check my bank balance.
  8. Oooh I wonder if my dealer is around.
  9. Thanks, just put it on my debit card.
  10. I spent how much tonight? Fuck. I really should start saving. Oh well, next week.


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