10 Things Every Tall Betch Can Relate To

If you’re a tall betch, you’ve been through phases of hating being a towering giant and phases of embracing your Amazonian stature. Plenty of famous betches are tall, and it’s a required asset to gain membership to exclusive clubs like being a Victoria’s Secret model or like, just being a model.

Nicole Kidman, Gisele, and Charlize Theron are all tall goddesses that teach us height is not just a number, it’s a fucking gold VIP card. If you’re tall, chances are you relate to these things.

1. You don’t mind standing in crowded bars and clubs because you always have extra room to breathe over the heads of everyone else.

2. You never wear heels on a first date because chances are he will be your height or shorter.

3. You always take the center of photos because otherwise you will look like a hunched gnome on the end.

4. You could be wearing an Anne Taylor pencil skirt and it would still look inappropriate on you because of your long legs.

5. You’ve had no problem getting into clubs with a fake ID since you were 16.

6. You’ve lost many a good pair of jeans to the dryer.

7. Your friends always ask you to look for people when you’re out at bars because you can see the farthest.

8. You have ended relationships because of height issues.

9. It’s not so much that you won’t date short guys, it’s just that you don’t date insecure guys.

10. Despite how tall you are, you don’t wear flats (except on dates) because you look hot AF in heels.


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