10 Nutrition Bars That Are Good For You & Won’t Make You Gain Weight Like Crazy

Bars are easy snacks to carry around, but every betch knows the bar section at Whole Foods can be overwhelming as fuck. We don’t always have a nutritionist on hand telling us what to pick, and as much as we’d love to sit around studying the fat to protein to calorie ratio on every wrapper in the store, we’re not mathemeticians and we actually have other shit to do. Luckily, we’ve tried basically every protein/energy/nutrition bar out there and we’ve compiled the healthiest ones. Every bar on this list is made with minimal ingredients, and you can definitely find something that caters to your over-the-top vegan/paleo/dairy-free diet. Skip those sugar-loaded, 400-calorie disguised candy bars and stock up on these healthy options instead: 

1. RX Bar

RX Bars are obviously healthy because all of their ingredients are literally listed on the front of the wrapper in an obnoxiously large font. That means there’s no need to read the fine print or try to justify some scientific-sounding protein powder that’ll make you nauseous and bloated. The bars are made with nuts, dates, and egg whites. They’re a little on the chewy side, so if just got a cavity filled or something, I’d skip them, but otherwise, they’re a great option if you don’t want to question what you’re putting in your body.

RX Bars

2. Bulletproof Bar

If you’re not into the whole alternative health, Gwyneth-esque foodie trends, this might not be the bar for you, but if you’re into wellness trends and follow a ton of nutrition bloggers, you’ll want to listen up. Bulletproof bars are made with collagen protein from grass-fed cows, which is the protein found in bone broths. These bars basically contain a ton of amino acids that support your bones, joints, and skin, while giving you a ton of natural energy. The best part is that the bars taste like chocolate bars, but they literally have 2 grams of sugar in each one. Stock up. 

Bulletproof Bar

3. Perfect Bar

Perfect Bars advertise themselves as “the freshest nutrition bars ever created,” which sounds pretentious as fuck, but after looking at the ingredients and tasting every flavor, we might actually agree. Perfect Bars are on the higher calorie side, but they’re amazing if you’re starving after a workout or need something filling between lunch and dinner. There are 20 superfoods in every bar, and they actually need to be kept in the fridge because they don’t use any chemical preservatives or overly-processed ingredients. Don’t worry though—you can keep them in your purse for a few hours and they’ll still taste bomb.

Perfect Bar

4. Thunderbird Bar

Thunderbird Bars were created by a group of athletes in Austin, Texas, and they’re still starting out, so these bars are kinda hard to find. But trust us—they’re worth the hunt. All of their bars are basically made with just fruit, nuts, and seeds, but their flavors are amazing. Their hazelnut coffee bar is like 150 calories and tastes like a candy bar, and they’re completely vegan, sugar-free, and grain-free. These bars are fucking hidden gems, and we’re not being (that) dramatic.

Thunderbird Bars

5. GoMacro Bar

GoMacro Bars are more of a meal replacement than a snack, but we all have those days when we just didn’t have time for lunch, so that’s when they’re our lifesaver. The company was started by some girl on a macrobiotic diet who grew up on a farm, so you know the ingredients are fresh AF. They’re vegan, organic, raw, and gluten-free, but somehow taste delicious. We love the cashew butter one but we don’t discriminate. We haven’t found a flavor we didn’t like.

GoMacro Bar

6. Health Warrior Chia Bar

These bars are honestly pretty small, so if you’re actually hungry, it might not do much for you. But if you need a small bite before a workout or just have a sweets craving at your desk, these are your go-to. Each bar is packed with chia seeds (duh), which get stuck in your teeth but have a ton of health benefits. Each bar is only 100 calories and is loaded with Omega-3’s, fiber, and protein, so you really can’t go wrong. I mean, the brand is called Health Warrior. They’re obvi good for you.

Health Warrior Bars

7. Jimmybar

Jimmybars are made with similar ingredients to LaraBars, but they have way less sugar and they’re less heavy on the carbs. If you’re into dates and nuts, these bars are your go-to. They’re light enough to give you a little energy boost and they actually taste delicious. They also come in minis if you need a little snack to keep in your bag and don’t want the full bar.


8. Square Organics Bar

We’ll buy any bar that is coated in chocolate and is somehow actually good for you. These bars are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, since they’re actually made with almond butter and dark chocolate. They’re low-sugar, vegan, and filled with plant-based protein, which makes them a great option for a post-workout snack too. We love that they have sea salt sprinkled on the top for the sweet/salty combo.

Square Organics


9. Oatmega Bar

If the name doesn’t give it away, Oatmega bars are made from Omega-3’s, which are the fatty acids found in salmon and walnuts that are super healthy for you. They’re also made with 14 grams of grass-fed whey protein, so they’re great if you’re looking for a low-carb, low-sugar protein bar. Plus, if you’re not into the super chewy bars, you’ll be a fan of these. We love that they have some crispy brown rice in them, which gives them a little crunch.

Oatmega Bar

10. Go Raw Sprouted Bar

If you can’t tell by the name, these bars are completely raw and sprouted, which means your body will absorb the most possible nutrients from the ingredients. Sprouted foods are supposedly easier to digest and preserve nutrients, so these bars are basically the healthiest things ever. Also, the banana bread flavor is dope.

Go Raw Sprouted Bar


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